Your Home Décor - Your Style Statement

Your Home Décor - Your Style Statement

Your home is uniquely you and celebrates your personality and style!

We appreciate your creative instincts and your need to make your home vibrant, aesthetic, beautiful, sophisticated, cozy and comfortable all at the same time! We also applaud your need for quality, and your desire to keep abreast of the latest trends in home décor.

Our goal is to bring you happiness by designing and manufacturing the best in Curtains, Sheers and Upholstery to make your home décor - your style statement. We bring you a wide range of world class home furnishings, guaranteed to satiate the interior designer in you! You name it we have it - Curtains, Sheers, and Upholstery. Whether your taste is for Jacquards, Embroidery, Digital Prints or Designer Curtains - we have it all meticulously manufactured on our state-of-the-art imported machinery.

NuHome Furnishings with more than two decades of rich experience - is the best curtain brand in India. As a premium curtain fabric manufacturer, we have always kept YOU as our focus of attention! This is precisely the reason why we have over 3000 door and window curtain designs, not forgetting our range of sheers and upholstery to go with it! What’s more is that we keep abreast with global trends and offer you hundreds of innovative new designs every month! Make your home come alive for you and your family as you spend quality time building bonds that will last a lifetime and beyond! There will also be memorable moments with friends and relatives who will celebrate you and your style. As you digitally capture happy times to reminiscence later, NuHome Furnishings will be there silently in the background, adding beauty and life - enhancing the happiness of your memories and celebrating your style! Our constant endeavour is to live up to our tag line - Welcome Happiness!

Welcome happiness into your home with our premium home décor items. Premium and yet value for money Curtain Fabric, Sheers and Upholstery.

Liven up every space in your home with NuHome Furnishings - Living room curtains, Bedroom curtains, Study room curtains and even add décor to the cozy Office Niche you’ve created in your home…. And yes, find the perfect match to enhance your style statement with our range of premium sheers and upholstery.

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Our fabrics are available at all leading home décor stores across India.