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The Need for Anti Viral Fabric

This pandemic has almost irreversibly changed the way we live and have increased the demand for hygienic environment. One of the biggest fears surrounding the nature of the virus is that it is surface-bred – it can remain alive on various surfaces for varying lengths of time. While people are generally washing their hands and sanitising solid surfaces, cloth is being largely ignored. perhaps because of its threat not being entirely perceived or because of the impracticalities that exist in keeping such surfaces constantly sanitised.

Thankfully, a solution is now at hand.

We are introducing an anti viral range of fabric made in technical collaboration with Health Guard Corporation Australia that will save you and your home from viruses. A specially formulated non-silver broad range Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral thoughtfully formulated using cosmetic based chemistry.

In light of the global pandemic, consumers are showing the trend to seek health protective products.

Everyday we walk through micro droplets of residual sneezes and coughs. The aerosol droplets suspended for hours in the air we breath and attach to our clothing, hands and faces, which expose us to routes of ingestion.

We may wear a mask to prevent inhalation, wash our hands and use hand sanitizer, however our clothes can carry live virus droplets for many hours.

Safe & Effective
Long Lasting Effect
Developed in Australia
Is Virus Shield Safe?

The treatment has been thoroughly tested for safety, sustainability and environment. It is harmless to skin and body and uses a minimum of the active ingredient.

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